Here’s a list of resources for more information on the Ezzo principles:

The Parent Wise Books
Available at any bookstore, there is now a whole collection of Parent Wise books written by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam. They include:

  • On Becoming Babywise
  • On Becoming Babywise II
  • On Becoming Toddlerwise
  • On Becoming Preschoolwise
  • On Becoming Childwise
  • On Becoming Preteenwise
  • (and more…)

Growing Families International
The original Ezzo writings are biblical in nature. This is the official site for those materials. Go to the GFI Store to purchase the biblical versions of Childwise (titled Growing Kids God’s Way), Babywise (titled Preparation for Parenting), Toddlerwise (titled Preparation for the Toddler Years) and other books and audio recordings. And though I’m not particularly religious, I have found the GKGW book and audio recordings to be a bit more detailed than Childwise.

Growing Kids
This is a blog of sorts about the Growing Kids God’s Way series. Click on the Contact link at the top right of the page to find a contact mom. The volunteer contact moms provide individual support and advice to parents who seek it. Email the “parenting” email to ask to be assigned a contact mom.

Mom’s Notes
There’s much more to the eye at this site than you might first think. Joey and Carla Link speak at conferences all over the country offering their parenting advice on the Growing Kids God’s Way series. For the parent seeking detailed advice on how to apply the Ezzo principles, the Mom’s Notes are a good place to start (after this blog of course). Note: the Mom’s Notes aren’t free (or cheap) but they are a good investment in your future.

This blog is full of detailed advice on how to raise a Babywise baby. While most of her posts are for parents of infants, she does also address issues related to parents of older children.

Message Boards
There are also Yahoo Groups and message boards on the Ezzo principles. The Babywise Graduates board on BabyCenter is my favorite. Also on BabyCenter is a Babywise board (for parents of children under one) and the Ezzo Book Club board. All three groups are private, so just request to join.


4 responses to “Resources

  1. Dana

    There is now also a book out called On Becoming Pre-Toddlerwise for the 12-18 mo.

  2. Lynn

    Also they have a new series on DVD for toddlers. I watched samples of the DVDs and they are excellent.

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