Tuesday Triumphs: Family stability

Notice how the parents are in the center of this picture. In most family pictures, the children are in the center. I like it much better this way. 🙂

On Friday, my husband went to a friend’s house after work, so the kids and I were on our own for dinner and bedtime. I took them out to dinner, and while we were out, I told them that I would need their cooperation since I would be putting them to bed by myself. William looked at me like I had three heads and asked, “How are you going to do that?!”

What makes his comment noteworthy is that not long ago, I put them to bed by myself every night—for six months. My husband was deployed to Afghanistan and just came home in November.

I reminded William of this, and he seemed to remember, but I’m still shocked by his initial reaction. My husband has been home less than four months, which seems like nothing to me, but I suppose in the life of a child, four months is a long time.

But more important is the idea that my kids have bounced back so easily from the deployment. Those six months were definitely a struggle for all of us. We all had times when we missed him terribly. I expected William to have a harder time with it since he’s older and more aware than his brother, but I didn’t expect him to forget about it less than four months later.

The experience tells me that my kids are resilient to any change or difficulty in our lives, and it’s probably because of the stability we have here at home. Despite the change and difficulty that the deployment brought, our family life is very stable.

This circles back to the marriage priority that I have learned from the Ezzo books. Honestly, if I hadn’t been introduced to these books, I never would have thought to make my marriage a priority for the sake of the children. In fact, most parents these days believe they must put the children above all else, including the marriage. Yet, if we make our marriages the priority, we establish firm family stability—for the children.

Feeling grateful

Ever since I started writing these Tuesday Triumphs, I have become all the more aware of how great my kids are and how meaningful the Ezzos’ books have been to my parenting. Yesterday, when I started contemplating what to write about, I couldn’t really think of much. The troubles we’ve had this week seemed to outweigh the good times. But then I was reminded of this one little comment that William made, and not only did it turn into a whole blog post, but it makes me think about the big picture and validates almost everything I’m doing as a parent.

Your opinion?

So I love to write these posts, but of course, I’m not writing for myself. I’d love to get your thoughts on this series. Do you enjoy reading about our triumphs? Are they entertaining? Are they helpful at all? My intentions are to continue blogging about general parenting, but there’s only so much time in the day. Given that I have a limited amount of time to blog, would you prefer that I offer more generic parenting advice and stick to the books, or should I keep going with my Tuesday Triumphs? Are there any topics that you’d like me to blog about?

Let me know what you think! Please leave a comment below.



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7 responses to “Tuesday Triumphs: Family stability

  1. Lonica

    I enjoy reading about your sucesses. It’s always good to see how effective good parenting and the BabyWise books can be. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anne

    I love your blog! It is entertaining, helpful, and reassuring. I would like to read more about the book (Growing Kids Gods Way) topics, however. It has been a year since we took the class and I could use some reminders and perhaps some review of the methods. I know I’ve slipped away from some in my parenting techniques and we don’t have any classes in our area. So I can’t take the class again and I haven’t had the time to re-read the book. Thank you for all your wonderful blogs – you’re my only connection to the book right now!

  3. Maureen

    Thanks, ladies! Anne, any specific topics you’d like me to cover?

  4. Heather

    It was refreshing for me to hear that you’re also a military wife. My husband will be coming home next week after being gone 6 months in Iraq. He has been gone most of the past two years and it’s been extremely hard for me to parent alone. This time around I’ve been pregnant, too with our third. I wish I knew more military wives with the same values and goals in parenting. I’ve received some good advice from fellow BW moms who seem to understand the situation I’m in and then others advice is more geared for two parents at home which doesn’t help me much. Thanks again.

  5. Maureen

    Heather, yes, it certainly does present its own challenges. I gave birth to Lucas when my husband was deployed the first time. I was about 6 months pregnant when he left. Thankfully, we’ve only had two deployments with the second being just 6 months. Have you joined the Babywise or Babywise Graduates groups on Babycenter? There are a few military wives/moms there, too.

  6. Angel

    I love reading your posts! I find them so informative, and so full of truths about how I want to raise Mikaela. I often read your posts to my husband as well just to reiterate the simple truths that you point out. Keep them coming!!

  7. Lynn

    Anne, you might consider purchasing the Mom’s Notes tapes. I have found them invaluable! http://www.momsnotes.com

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