Tuesday Triumphs: Taking initiative

William, my first born, did something really cute this morning. It’s inspiring me to post and do a weekly feature on our little triumphs with obedience and parenting in general.

Yesterday morning, while we were getting ready to leave for school, I happened to mention that we needed to start brushing teeth in the morning as well as at night. Horrible, I know, but I just never incorporated it into our routine. When I said this, I was just thinking out loud and didn’t really expect a response from either child. William asked me about it and I told him that I brush my teeth twice every day. In the morning, I do it as soon as I wake up.

Well, first thing this morning, he came into my bathroom when he woke up. He was still half asleep, but said, “Mommy, I brushed my teeth this morning.” Then a big smile showed me his shiny white teeth. Not only did he remember something I said in passing the day before, but also he took the initiative to brush his teeth the minute he woke up.

We’ve had our fair share of struggles with this boy, but almost every day I’m amazed by how far he has come. It makes my heart smile to know that he loves to please me so much. It also makes me appreciate how much he has inspired me to grow as a parent. It’s incredible how these little beings come into our lives and end up teaching us as much as we had hoped to teach them.

Join me as I share our Tuesday Triumphs. Do you have any of your own? Post them in a comment.



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8 responses to “Tuesday Triumphs: Taking initiative

  1. I’ve never implemented blanket time, but am seeing how good it could be, both for my son’s development of self-control and to free up some time for me to get stuff done while he’s awake. He’s 13 months old, and I probably should have started this a long time ago, but neglected to do so! He has a tendency to just wander all over the place downstairs and won’t spend more than a few moments on one toy… yesterday, I laid out a blanket and put a few toys on it, and to my surprise, he sat there and played with them without trying to stand and walk away… yay! I was with him on the blanket, so I suppose the next step would be for me to maybe sit next to it and ask him to remain on the blanket. We’re taking baby steps 🙂

  2. Lynn

    Jenna, At that age, you can do playpen time as well, which will transition to room time as he gets older. I would not give him free reign of the downstairs, though…I would limit what he can do and where. Blanket time is great! When mine were preschoolers, we did blanket time, and I would put one toy or set of toys on each blanket and instruct each child to sit on a blanket. I would then set a timer, and when the timer beeped, I would instruct them to switch blankets. That provides a good physical boundary and helps them develop self control and contentment…and gives you an hour of quiet! 🙂

  3. Lynn, Gabriel spends 25min at a time in his playpen two times a day 🙂 He does well in there, just seeing he could definitely learn more self-control doing blanket time as well since with the blanket he has to learn to not go off it. Today went great. I sat next to the blanket and kept telling him it was blanket time- he would get the biggest smile on his face and lay down and stroke the blanket… so silly. The only hurdle today was that he kept handing me the toys from the blanket (book for me to read, train for me to push) so perhaps tomorrow i’ll be reading my own book so he gets the idea that its time for him to play by himself 🙂 We did five minutes with the timer today. I plan to slowly increase that.
    Thanks for your two cents!

  4. Maureen

    Thanks for your wisdom, Lynn.

    Jenna, it sounds like you’re doing great! Baby steps are what it’s all about. There’s no need for discipline when moms slowly and thoughtfully train kids to do what we want. Great idea to read a book. I remember sitting in the hall reading a book when we started room time. When you’re ready to start leaving him, just leave for a minute or two at a time. His response to stretching the time and you leaving will tell you how fast or slow the process needs to be. You might even consider doing it twice a day if you’re just doing five minutes at a time. And be sure to do it when he’s fed and well-rested. Keep it up!

  5. leaving him? Like leaving the room? I can’t imagine! LOL… I am convinced he’ll get right up and come find me. I guess we have our work cut out for us 🙂 Thanks for your input!

  6. Amanda

    I like this idea for a weekly theme, how cute!
    Our recent triumph with Tobias (age 2.5) is really just his kindness towards his new baby brother. I hear about kids who totally freak because they used to be the center of the family and suddenly the new baby is. Well, with Babywise and Childwise Tobias never was treated as the center of the family and so he plays independently quite well and understands that he doesn’t always get his way (he doesn’t like it, but he understands it). And, Peter naps so much with Babywise that even with medical issues (reflux and suspected apnea) we still have time with just Tobias. The other day Peter was crying in the car and we heard Tobias saying “I know Peter, I know, we be home soon” Aww, he just melted my heart with his sweetness 🙂

  7. Amanda

    Jenna, your comment about leaving the room made me laugh 🙂 I was a little unsure I could make it work at first too but we do roomtime without a baby gate half the time and Tobias really does stay where I tell him to. Sticking with the Toddlerwise suggestions really pays off.

  8. Maureen

    So sweet. That is so true about how kids are better able to welcome new members of the family.

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