15% off Mom’s Notes!

If you’re a long-time reader, you know that Joey and Carla Link once graciously offered us a discount on the Mom’s Notes. Well, they’re doing it again! Use the coupon code Blog15 for 15% off your entire order at Mom’s Notes! The discount is valid January 3-31, 2011.

The Mom’s Notes are audio presentations (with paper notes) that give detailed, day-to-day practical advice on applying the Ezzo principles. There are several presentations on many different topics for many ages. You can purchase them individually, as a complete set or in starter packs. I have the entire set and listen to them often on my iPod. If I ever feel like our first-time obedience is lacking or my consistency is slipping, I’ll listen to Carla and get all the reinforcement I need. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Here are testimonies from other parents, offering further proof of the value of the Mom’s Notes.

Note: I have no affiliation with Mom’s Notes. I just love them and think you will too.

Feel free to post a comment if you have any questions before you purchase. I’ll try to answer them as objectively as I can.

Happy shopping!



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6 responses to “15% off Mom’s Notes!

  1. ys

    I have a question on this. I have all the wise books (BW,TW,Preschoolwise,Childwise,etc). I don’t have GKGW as that is ages 4-12 and I’m seriously considering it as DD is approaching 4. My friend who took the course told me about Moms notes (and i understand it’s more to supplement the course). She purchased a bunch written at only $5 and I did too…..in hindsight I realize I should have gotten some of the “starter packets” as it has much more and the audio,etc. I do have the FTO complete package with audio (and some other papers more for toddlers/preschoolers-Discipline issues, Training preschoolers, structuring days 1 and 2). My question is, since these all cost money and add up, if you had limited options, what would you consider the best/most helpful thing to order? Is GKGW redundant of the wise books? I do like the audio a lot as I seem to learn that way. It appears GKGW has CD’s and a workbook. Moms notes has some too. Would Moms Notes just supplement the wise books adequately?
    I feel like I struggle more with the consequences part. Having an appropriate consequence for an action. I think I understand a lot of concepts but sometimes struggle with the actual implementation. Real world scenarios are always a bit different:) Anyways I was just curious about any insight in what you most recommend. Thanks so much!

  2. Maureen

    I highly recommend the GKGW workbook. Some of the concepts are the same as in Childwise, but it’s much more thorough and better organized. It also talks about certain topics that aren’t appropriate for a secular audience. I own the GKGW CDs but I don’t think I’d recommend them. If I remember right, they’re on the pricier side, so probably not worth it.

    Now, the GKGW workbook is not about day-to-day issues as much as it is about parenting theory. It’s still important though because you need that foundation. The Mom’s Notes are great for the practical stuff and how to implement the theories. The FTO package is the best. Discipline Issues is good as are the notes specific to the age of your child. You may notice that the Mom’s Notes are WAY better on audio than on paper. The paper notes are pretty rambling and not very well organized. There’s something about her audio presentations that don’t seem so rambling (though my husband thinks they are). She also fills in with stories that aren’t necessarily on the notes. So if you only have the paper notes, I would get the CDs. I have the complete set and here are my favorites (in no particular order):

    Understanding FTO
    Understanding Freedoms
    Training Toddlers
    Training Preschoolers
    On Being Wise in Your Own Eyes
    The Discipline Years
    Discipline Issues

    Does that help?

  3. ys

    Thank you so much….it helps a lot. I guess I didn’t even think of the GKGW workbook as being standalone. I’ll do that and a few Mom’s Notes audio CD’s to supplement. Thanks again!

  4. Callie

    is this Maureen that used to live in charleston??!
    Not sure if you realize but there’s a “123 magic” parenting add on this post from google. Not sure how you can get rid of that. Just thought it was ironic they would choose that ad to put on your post about moms notes- learning about 1st time obedience, etc! Lol! It’s the parenting book that tells you to count to 3 w your child.
    Love your blog! What a great resource for GFI parents!!

  5. Callie

    Just saw your pic…nope. Not the same Maureen I know!
    Think the google ad I mentioned is just on the mobile version of your site.
    GFI national conference in charleston, SC this year! All your readers should come join us! It will be a family conference which means there’s something for everyone in the family there! 0-high school! It will be awesome!!

  6. Maureen

    Hi Callie. No, I’ve never lived in SC. Ironic about the ad. I have no control over any ads you see, though I don’t see any on the main site. Must be the mobile version. Thanks for the note about the conference. A little too far for me, but if we get one around here, I will be there!

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