Timeout success! (from a reader)

My friend Amanda just sent me this great testimonial after reading about timeouts the Ezzo way on my blog. Her son is 20 months old. Hopefully this will serve as inspiration for you.

I started implementing time-outs the Ezzo way and wow, big improvement! Instead of trying to goof off on time out Tobias quickly calms himself down and comes to me to tell me he’s sorry and give me a kiss! He stops himself from crying/throwing the tantrum, comes willingly, looks me in the eye, and says “shosh”, then I say “are you going to obey mama with a happy heart now?” and he says “kay” and gives me a kiss. Then he will do whatever I tell him. He doesn’t go right back to misbehaving, his obedience level goes through the roof (temporarily of course, lol!) and he’s so much happier. Heck, I’m happier because I’m not struggling to keep him in time out or listening to whining throughout the day. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks so much for the tips on the Childwise Chat blog, they really helped me to pin down exactly what I was looking for from a time-out.



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3 responses to “Timeout success! (from a reader)

  1. Amanda

    Just wanted to give a quick update. The Ezzo time-outs are still working well, the # of time-outs has reduced quite a bit too, which is wonderful for me and Tobias! I even had him in a public restroom with me and he kept trying to open the door (to my embarrassment!) and I held his hand and then simply told him to sit on time out in the corner of the stall. He did it, first time! He sat there for a bit, then got up and said “shosh” and didn’t mess with the door again!

    I’m curious though what you do when in public? He slapped me today in Target because he wanted out of the cart and I gave him a warning, then put him in time-out in the middle of the carpet (but out of the way of other shoppers of course). It took him a while but eventually he got up and said sorry. Am I weird for doing time outs in the store? I felt so silly standing there with my kid on time out in the aisle, lol! And it doesn’t help that he has a baby face, people probably thought he was much younger than he is 🙂

  2. Maureen

    Thanks for the update. Good to hear the timeouts are becoming less frequent! And I have done PLENTY of timeouts in the middle of a store like that. If there’s no corner, I’ll put them up against the wall, even if it means going a bit out of our way. And to try to make it more effective, I try not to look at them. I’ll look around or pretend to shop right wherever we are. And don’t worry about what other people think. You do what’s right for your child. Many people probably think it’s refreshing to see a mom taking control over their misbehaving child!

  3. Lynn

    This is another similar idea to your discipline plan-

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