Welcome to Childwise Chat! I have started this blog to offer parenting advice on the Ezzo principles (as discussed in On Becoming Childwise and other books) and to help my friends and family understand exactly why I do what I do with my kids. The pages at the links above are a great place to start reading. Your supportive comments are highly encouraged. Enjoy!



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  1. Hey! I also love your comments on the yahoo group and babycenter! I look forward to reading your blog!

  2. Salina

    So glad I found your blog. I follow Val’s blog and saw your site on your comment. My son is almost 22 months. He’s my first and only so far. I think your articles are right on and I am teaching many of the Ezzo ideas, like “yes mommy” and the hand folding technique. It’s working great. I’m big on sleep as well. My son does seem to fluctuate with the amount naptime sleep. Some days an hour and half, others it can go up to 3.5. It makes it hard to stay consistent in the pm hours. This is all with the same bedtime of 7:30 and wake time of 7- even though many mornings he wakes much earlier. Any ideas on getting the nap time down?

  3. Maureen

    Glad you like the blog. It’s been a while since I’ve dealt with sleep issues in an almost 2-year-old, but I have some ideas. It sounds like he might be getting too much sleep at night to take a good nap during the day. I have Dr. Ferber’s book Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems in front of me and he says for an 18-month-old, the typical total average sleep is 11 5/8 hours. He then breaks it down to 9 5/8 hours at night and 2 hours of nap. (Not sure exactly what 5/8 of an hour is but you could do the math.) And if that’s true for an 18mo, your 22mo would get slightly less than that. Having said that, when I compare Ferber’s chart to Lucas (my 16mo), his estimates seem pretty low. Lucas is just 2 months younger than that and sleeps 12 hours at night and 2.5-3 hours a day (2 naps) so 14.5-15 hours total. But he is a very sleepy kid, so it makes sense that his average is more than “typical”. William (my 4.5yo) is the opposite and has typically been on the low end of the average. You might want to get Ferber’s book or for another resource read Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child. The author if this book is also a sleep specialist. I wonder if he has different total sleep estimates. (A friend has my copy of the book right now.)

    So practically speaking, I would keep a log for 2 weeks. Track what time you put him down at bedtime, what time he actually falls asleep (if it takes him a little while), what time he wakes up, what time you put him down for a nap, what time he actually falls asleep (again if it takes him a little while) and what time he wakes up. After 2 weeks, you should get a good average as to how many total hours a day he sleeps. If he needs less sleep than you have been allowing him (which is my thinking), then I would back up bedtime first. You could also start your day earlier, but I’m not a morning person so that wouldn’t be my first choice. I also found that with my older son, from an early age, he got most of his total sleep at night. I wanted him to sleep 12 hours and he did. He stopped napping altogether at 2.5 after fighting it for a few months. I finally gave it up and just came to grips with the idea that he didn’t need more than 12 hours of sleep and he did fine going through the day without the sleep. I’m not suggesting that for your LO, but just keep it in mind. If you want him to take a good nap, you will need to shorten his night time sleep. I know, it’s never fun when you realize your LO needs less sleep than you think they do!

  4. This is a great blog! I also found the link through Valerie’s blog. My daughter is 19 months old. Which book in the -wise series would come next after “Toddler years”?

    Also, I feel like I follow the series pretty closely, but sometimes she is super inflexible. Traveling is a nightmare, as she will only sleep in her crib or my parents’ crib (she sleeps through the night great, though!) Would you move her to a toddler/twin bed soon? We have a summer vacation coming up and a pack and play she will not sleep in…thanks in advance!

  5. Salina

    Thanks- I’ll do the log and see what happens, but you’re right, I hope he doesn’t need less sleep- for my own sake! On Maya’s mom, I was “James’ Mom”- I’m thinking we’ve talked before on there. I’m Salina C on babycenter, but I don’t comment very much anymore since we don’t recieve group talks in the inbox. It seems like I have less questions at the time too, I guess until the next one comes along! Thanks again- and I like the layout of the blog.

  6. Maureen

    I wondered if that was you. There aren’t too many Salinas in my circles. Hope James is doing well. I can’t believe he’s almost 2! Hope you can get his nap situation straightened out.

  7. Maureen

    Thanks! Babywise II covers ages 5-15 months so the next book for you would be Toddlerwise which covers “first steps to potty training” or the “second year”. If you want to get a jump on your reading, I would pick up Preschoolwise and Childwise (and read them in that order).

    As for your next question, I wouldn’t move her out of the crib if you don’t absolutely have to, especially if she sleeps so well in it. But you can prepare for the trip. First off, call the hotel where you’re staying and see if they have an actual crib she could sleep in. If not, start getting her ready to sleep in the pack and play. Try letting her take naps in it at home once or twice a week. I would also do some investigating as to why she hates the playpen so much. Does she do okay in it for playpen time? Does she have some scary memory associated with it? I’ve honestly never heard of a baby not sleeping well in one. Just think it through some more and ease her into it before your trip. If that doesn’t work, then I wouldn’t worry about it. You might have a rough night or two when you get there, but she will go to sleep eventually!

  8. Thanks Maureen! What age would you recommend moving her out of the crib and into the toddler bed? (she is currently 19 months). She has never liked sleeping in the playpen…it is weird i know! She plays great in it, but no sleepies!:)

  9. Maureen

    Most of the moms I know wait until something forces them to move the child from a crib to bed. For some, it’s because a new baby comes along and they need the crib for the new baby. For us, William had started climbing out of the crib (age 2) so we moved him the next day. It was a safety issue for him. And I didn’t have to go out and buy a new bed. His crib converts to a toddler bed by just removing the front part of the crib that moves up and down.

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